"Investing into good quality business that can deliver sustainable growth over the medium term to long term."

Our Investment style leads to focus on good quality businesses that can deliver superior growth over longer term. We firmly believe Risk Management is central to our investment approach and as a result we are focused on generating superior risk adjusted returns.

We are bottoms up investors and as a result our portfolios tend to have high tracking error and are sector agnostic. Our strength lies into investing into high growth companies in India that can become large caps/ mega caps over a period of time. We believe that successful companies demonstrate leadership qualities at an early stage of their life cycle and staying invested in them for long term can be extremely rewarding. Our long term approach, our ability to think about ourselves as owners of the business rather than investors, our decision making framework ensures that we over look short term volatility in stock prices and focus on the value of underlying business.


Companies with sustainable and durable business models.


Businesses that can deliver superior growth over medium term to long term.


Superior quality businesses as demonstrated by Competitive edge, Pricing power, ROE, FCF, Good quality and competent management teams.


Companies with sustainability and durability to invest at reasonable valuations. Fair value approach to valuations. Focus on economic value of businesses.